About Our Clinic

Top-notch medical care and exceptional client service

Have you ever been to a vet clinic where you felt like you and your pet were just another appointment on the calendar? Where your questions went unanswered or your loved one’s needs weren’t adequately met? Where upselling was more important than providing the services your pet was actually there for?

At 303 Animal Clinic, we know this happens much more often than it should. More importantly, we’re trying to change that, one visit at a time.

You see, to us, the health and happiness of our patients is more important than our bottom line. Working with you, as your companion’s caregiver, and treating you like the important part of the team you truly are is our main objective.

Why? Because we know that when we keep our priorities in the right place, everything else will naturally align.

Perhaps this is why we’ve become the Grand Prairie and Arlington area vet of choice.

Ready for a change? Call or stop by today. We can’t wait to meet you!


  • Simply the best…hands down!!!!

  • Best vet care around! Been taking my cats here for years.

  • Best Vets in GP! Our family and our extended family in GP have been taking our pets for care at 303 for as long as I can remember. They are truly caring and always provide the best of services. Highly recommended.

  • Kind and compassionate folks who are with you in good times and bad.

  • My vet was 303 Animal Clinic for 20+ years. Honest, compassionate, good people. The only reason they’re not my vet now is because I’m in Alaska and they aren’t. It’s hard to find a new vet when you’ve had such a great one for so many years. You get kinda spoiled.